French Influence On Vietnamese Food

by guestcontributor on December 14, 2011

Get discounts on flights to ParisVietnam is a pride of Asia. It may have a smaller land area compared to other Asian countries, but it certainly does not fall short when it comes to its rich history, landscape, and food. Vietnam’s history has molded it to be a country wrapped with wonder. It’s landscape falls short of adjective to describe. Most of all, its rich cuisine never fails to capture the hearts of those who’ve tasted them.

Apart from its Asian spices and herbs, the different influences from other nations that stepped into its land contributed to the outstanding taste of Vietnamese food. For many years, different nations tried to colonize the peaceful nation of Vietnam. They’re long stay not only changed the system and aesthetics of Vietnam but also its food preparation. The French colonized Vietnam from (1858-1954). During this period the french introduced a lot of changes to Vietnam’s food choices and preparation.

The Baguette also known as french bread was introduced then. Some other food like tomatoes, snow peas, onions, asparagus, cream, butter, coffee, pate, milk, custard, cake and potatoes were also brought by the french. The Vietnamese started to re-invent their cuisine in such a way that it will have a kick of french taste.

The baguette since then has become part of the “Vietnamese Sandwich”. This sandwich is more popularly known as banh mi. The baguette is stuffed with some Vietnamese stuffing. But aside from this french influence is noticeable in other dishes as wel. Some of the dishes are the salads, pate, flan, croissant, yogurt, omelette, beef steak and cooking with wine.

Now whether you’re in Vietnam or in France, Vietnamese food will surely enthrall your sense of taste. Since the colonization, some Vietnamese dishes have lived up to the french and vietnamese flavor. And anywhere in the world these treat will surely bring you to two of the worlds best taste in food.  You can get discounts on flights to Paris and try out authentic French cuisine to see for yourself.

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